1st Armitage Rainbows learnt all about wedding day traditions at their latest meeting, ahead of this weekends Royal Wedding, and even held a wedding of their own! A couple of the girls were selected to act as the bride and groom, whilst the rest of the Rainbows came in their favourite dresses to act as bridesmaids. The girls were all very excited as they made their way down the ‘aisle’ humming to the tune of ‘Here Comes The Bride’. The bride even threw the bouquet to her fellow Rainbows at the end of the ceremony.

As is traditional, attention then turned to the reception where cake was served and the first dance was held. Earlier in the evening the Young Leaders modelled some of the Leaders’ wedding dresses, to see how each one was different and how fashions had changed. At the end of the evening each Rainbow was presented with a special badge to celebrate Harry & Meghan’s special day. Visit our Facebook page for more photos.