“11pm on Friday March 29th was meant to be Brexit hour. Now, through a combination of votes by Remain supporting MPs and opportunistic opposition political parties, Brexit has been delayed by at least a fortnight, more likely for longer, or even for ever.

“On Monday, the Remainer Parliament, ignoring the wishes of the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit, will table a series of alternatives to Brexit. This is a direct consequence of the Government losing the vote on Friday (29th) which I supported.

“One of the most likely outcomes on Monday will be a decision for the UK to remain in the EU Customs Union. This will mean that the UK will have to obey all EU directives on goods and services, will have to continue making regular payments to the EU, and will be forbidden from entering into our own free trade agreements with other nations.  We might as well not have left.

“In short, Brexit will not mean Brexit.

“This is something I cannot agree to. I would rather leave the EU without a Deal on the 12th April, cushioned by all the legislation passed in the last year in Brussels and London in case of this eventuality.

“There will be many angry people who voted Brexit in 2016 who will believe that they have been totally betrayed by their Parliament.  And they will be right.

“The haughty elite who have defied Brexit have created a jagged schism between the people and the Establishment. This breach of trust will be both damaging and long lasting to the social cohesion and future of our democratic processes.

“For my part, I will continue to do everything in my power to overcome the odds in this Remainer Parliament and deliver the Brexit for which the majority of my constituents and the nation voted.”