HS2 Minister sees Environmental Damage around Lichfield

May 24, 2021 | Latest News

Andrew Stephenson, the Minister at the Department for Transport responsible for HS2, saw for himself the damage caused by the new line when he visited Kings Bromley and Fradley on Friday 21st May.

“I was keen that Andrew saw for himself the damage to local woodland and the environment caused by HS2” says Michael Fabricant.   “I took him to the aptly named Wood End Lane where ancient woodlands have been torn down and along the canal at Fradley.”

Andrew Stephenson says:   I’m pleased to have been able to visit Lichfield to see for myself at first-hand some of the challenges that the local community are facing and the environmental impact of the HS2 programme. I came here today because Michael Fabricant wanted me to see these challenges at first-hand. I’m now going to raise many of these issues with HS2 limited and within my own Department for Transport.”

Michael Fabricant adds “I also raised with Andrew the more general point of poor communications within HS2 itself and the consequent challenges this causes in dealing with local constituents.   Often, the right hand of HS2 doesn’t know what the left hand is doing and, on occasion, the calibre and imagination of some HS2 personnel cause very real difficulties for my constituents.   I frequently have to intervene to escalate issues to senior management.”

Andrew Stephenson answers:   “I am aware, and have been looking into, some of the difficulties arising from poor communication with local communities.

“This is something that we are really keen to improve upon and I am working to ensure that HS2’s feet are held to the fire to ensure that they communicate more effectively with impacted communities.”


Photo shows Andrew Stephenson MP (left) and Michael Fabricant in Wood End Lane after inspecting some of the damage done to woodland by HS2 construction.