Beacon Park is re-launching its healthy duck food after changing the packaging to paper bags to cut down on plastic.

Lichfield District Council’s parks team encourage park goers to feed local wildfowl healthy grain-based duck food, as bread has no nutritional value for ducks but can fill them up so they don’t get a balanced diet.

The packaging for the healthy duck food, which is available from Beacon Park, has recently been changed from a plastic bag to paper so it can be easily recycled and to cut down on plastic waste.

James Myers, Park Ranger for Lichfield District Council, said: “We all love feeding the ducks, children especially, and we want to make sure that our good intentions do not go to waste, as feeding bread or other processed food to ducks can harm them.

“This is why we sell healthy duck food at Beacon Park. Other benefits include reducing the risk of bread affecting the water quality and of any leftovers attracting rats.

“We are also pleased to be using new packaging that is better for the environment and would encourage anyone who buys a pack, to make sure they recycle the empty paper bag after use.”

The healthy duck food is on sale from Beacon Park’s Ranger Station for 50p. To find out more about visiting Lichfield Historic Parks, go to