1st Armitage Rainbows and 1st Armitage Brownies along with the Parish Council have joined together to purchase a supply of sunflower seeds. We thought that the children of Armitage, Handsacre and Hawkesyard would like to grow them during the lockdown.

When lockdown is over it will be lovely to see lots of beautiful smiley sunflowers around our village. They will be put in a box on the doorsteps of the following addresses. Please just take one packet to allow all the children of the village to take part.

1 Pike Lane, Armitage, WS15 4AF.
46 Ford Way, Handsacre, WS15 4BX.
46 Priory Avenue, Hawkesyard, WS15 1LQ.

Seeds will be available from 5 pm on Wednesday 6th May. Please remember to follow social distancing measures and stay safe.