Michael Fabricant has weighed into the Rugby Footblall Union’s decision to exclude the Lichfield Ladies rugby team from the Women’s Super League.

Michael says: “I have written to Ian Ritchey, the Chief Executive of the RFU in Twickenham, asking his Board to reconsider their decision to restrict the Women’s Super League to just 10 teams when the men’s league has 12 teams.  I have asked that the Women’s Super League also be 12 which would enable Lichfield Ladies to be included.

“Most importantly, I have pointed out to Mr Ritchey in my letter that by discriminating between the men’s and ladies’ leagues, it is in breach of the spirit of the Equalities Act.  Indeed, it might actually be in breach of the law itself and they should take legal advice. “In any event, having seen our Ladies team play, I hope they will change their decision accordingly!”