Michael Fabricant

I am deeply proud and honoured to have been re-elected the Member of Parliament for the Lichfield Constituency.

I have often said that there seems to be a two-way love affair between Lichfield and me and it is perhaps because of that which means we often buck the national trend. The result in the Lichfield constituency was extraordinary.

My vote went up from 28,389 in 2015 to 34,018; my share of the vote rose from 55.2% to 63.6%; and my overall majority rose yet again for the fifth successive time. Of course, nationally, the result was less good for the Conservative Party and the nation faces the start of Brexit negotiations in just 10 days’ time.  The hung Parliament could mean we face tough times ahead.

Regardless, I will continue to fight tirelessly for the interests of local people – because it is my commitment to the people of the Lichfield Constituency from which my own political strength derives.