Caravan Security

We are urging caravan owners and businesses selling caravans to review their security measures as the weather improves and caravans are being brought out for the year.

If you sell caravans you are reminded to check CCTV cameras and security lighting are working and being used effectively as a deterrent to would-be caravan thieves. Site security fences and gate locks/barriers should be routinely checked to ensure they are working, and caravan alarms should be activated and wheel locks secured at all times.

If you store your caravan at home you should use all of the security measures possible to ensure your caravan is not an easy target for thieves. Motion activated security lighting near to the caravan is a deterrent, along with CCTV. Caravan alarms and wheel locks also make it difficult for offenders.

Do not be tempted to store valuable items inside your caravan as they can be easily stolen and expensive to replace. It is nice to be able to hook-up and get away quickly with your caravan but be alert to anyone hanging around your property for unknown reasons and ensure your caravan cannot be hooked-up quickly and driven off by anyone other than you.